Sunday, August 28, 2016


He saw you and to you 
he walked smiling. Any 
shadow in his soul, any 
unforgotten pain, any 
remorse? He believed
that you were the one who 
could understand everything. 
And talking to you, in his eyes 
the light of hope and excitement
flared. He was not careful enough, 
though. He was not paying attention 
to you, all he could see was your 
luminous face, your red lips, your 
eyes: your external soul as he 
imagined it. He was unable to 
guess that inside you a fire was 
burning, that pain and doubt 
were the drive of your disturbed 
soul. When you told you him to
go away after you have  kissed 
his hands he did not understand.
He left but forever he would be the 
one who missed the opportunity.

(Feb. 23, 2014)

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