Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The cure

You may believe that you are
in love. And an intense joy may 
fill you heart. And you may want
to thank the gods and celebrate.

But not until you you get rid
of that atrocious wound will you 
find in your soul peace and be
able to breath again. I tell you.

What I say contradicts common 
knowledge? Sure. I know that.
You want to say me wrong? I 
don’t mind, will not be offended. 

Don’t lie to yourself, man. Here is
the cure: erase from your memory 
the image of her beautiful body, 
forget her so sweet smile. Her loving 
words? She is just a silly girl. Her 
legs, her breast, her hands on your 
face? And she walked gracefully at 
your side on the streets of the big 
city? Just a dream, I tell you, it never 
happened. Say thank you to me, boy, 
go to bed and try to sleep, moron. 

J. E. Soice

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