Monday, March 16, 2015

Shakespeare: Trilogy on Love

Leave thus to slander love! Though evil with such it prove Which often use Love to misuse, 4 And loving to reprove. Such cannot chose, For their refuse, But thus, to slander love. 8 Flee not so much the snare - Love seldom causeth care, But by deserts And crafty parts, 12 Some leese their own welfare. Be true of hearts, And for no smarts Flee not so much the snare. 16 To love and not to be wise Is but a mad device. Such love doth last As sure and fast 20 As chance on the dice. A bitter taste Comes at the last, To love and not to be wise. 24 Such be the pleasant days, Such be the honest ways. There is no man, That fully can 28 Know it, but that he says Loving to ban Were folly then! Such be the pleasant days. 32 Such is a pleasant fire, Kindled by true desire. And though the pain Cause men to plain 36 Speed well is oft the hire. Then though some feign And leese the gain, Love is a pleasant fire.

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