Monday, February 10, 2014

Bizarre bizarre

From time to time I have the impression that the Internet, and Facebook in particular, is responsible for multiple forms of bizarre behavior and some sort of general madness.

Loneliness and incapacity of establishing normal relationships with others are developing to such an extent in modern societies - more and more submitted to all kinds of rules and types of control of behavior -  that Facebook and the Internet can be looked at as resulting from a desire of solving the in fact old problem of solitude.

Instead of solving the problem however what the Internet and Facebook are doing besides making some people very rich is most probably just creating other equally damaging problems. The illusion of being in touch with other people and with reality can develop in such a way through the use of the Internet that we are all living more or less in some kind of totally invented and weird personal world without being minimally aware of it.

- Hasn’t it been always so? - may ask the philosopher.

- Probably yes, but did people receive in the past from others (even through their apparently supportive silence) as many reasons as we may receive now to believe that their madness was not indeed one? 

To be convinced that expressing our opinion on everything really counts, is taken seriously, and has some impact on others, may just be a particular and treacherous aspect of how problematic it is to reconcile our existence as individuals with our existence in society.

P. S. I forgot to talk about Google. Google is becoming the ruler of the world. Fear it! As I read somewhere recently in the internet: as soon as some site becomes popular Google buys it and imposes its own rules. Youtube is now in their hands and the blog world too. And they are the ones who decide about what information deserves to be in the internet, eliminating other sources of information.Who are they exactly? Where did they get their money and their values, what is their ambition? Is it enough to have money and to be good in computer technology to be allowed so much power? Are the USA, unconsciously or intentionally, perverting the world, and is Google their new and most efficient tool to cynically destroy our best traditionally respected values? Will we all become robots submitted to the stupidity of some obscure powerful world rulers? No more private life, no more diversity of opinions and feelings, and if you think that your relationships with other people and your love life for example are immune to their influence you are dead wrong.

The Internet is not at all a bad thing in itself. It just happened with the Internet what happened with everything else: it's being controlled by money and by political power (and by people with a poor and limited understanding of many things). The permanent fight for democracy is a reality in USA, I sincerely believe it. But unfortunately democracy does not mean that the power is in the hands of the best. And the ideological, financial, corporative or political lobbies that in permanence are succeeding in imposing their values, their rules and interests to all of us are cynically perverting democracy and putting at risk different ways - more open and more intelligent - of understanding and defining what life and living in society is about.

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