Saturday, January 11, 2014

Language is behavior

Language is strongly related to our condition of individuals as members of a particular society. In other words: we cannot escape being build up by society. 

Language is behavior. The way you talk or write is a form of behaving. 

Writing or reading poetry, for example, is a form of social behavior. Your words and your syntax are your behavior.

The way the guys who arrogantly and self-confidently write in the newspapers about poetry or about fiction is frequently not very different from the way the police officers in the streets and in the freeway survey the respect of the law. They talk as if they were the law in literature without however having other credentials than the credibility that their newspapers may enjoy with his readers. It took me some time to get there but now I can say that I despise most of those clowns because they do not know enough about life outside their limited world to restrain from judging people and what people do; and because they are highly and dangerously responsible for a totally arbitrary but pretentious way of evaluating literature, having a negative influence in youngsters and in less educated people.

It is also true that some professors of literature at the university are not much better. That's why very soon literature will only be taught seriously in some monasteries to be reopened and where people like me will take refuge. But, please, let women not yet perverted by the current vulgarity create their own monasteries not too far away from ours so we can meet from time to time and enjoy life's pleasures and pains together.

J. E. Soice

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