Tuesday, October 02, 2012

About death

M. - Maybe we are ware of it. Maybe we are not aware of it.
W. – What are you talking about?
M. – I am talking about death. It’s there, waiting for us. Our own death. Not death as an intangible concept. Death as something that will take place in our own life.
W. – Death sure is waiting for us. And so what? Nothing new.
M. – And so what? We keep wasting the opportunities of having a better life. We will never learn.
W. – You will never stop being an irredeemable romantic.
M. – There is no romanticism in my analysis of the situation.
W. – Can we change our lives just because we know that we are going to die?
M. – We can, but we will not. That’s what should bother me.
W. – Are you still talking about love?
M. – Is there anything else worth to be taken in consideration?
W. – And you think you are not in a romantic mood. 
M. – I wish I were always in what you call a romantic mood. But it only happens after I had a good dinner and drank two or three glasses of wine.
W. – We had a good diner, didn’t we? Enjoy it. Don’t bother thinking about death.
M. – Don’t you feel that we are too easily satisfied with what we got? Why don’t you leave everything you have, your forever-comfortable life, and come with me?
W. – Ha ha. You are so funny. Heading where? Where would you take me?
M. – I wish I knew.
W. - When we know in advance where we are going the journey stops being exciting? Is that what you mean?
M. – I don’t know what I mean, darling. I don’t even know what I would do with you if you suddenly changed your mind and out of curiosity or love for me wanted me to take you.
W. – How funny. Is it what you want? You aim at making me unhappy?
M. – How would I know? You have to try first and then see what happens. Unhappiness for the moment is just a word. And we fear words. We shouldn’t. Words always make things more or less interesting than they really are.
W. – Now I am waiting for you to say that you love me. I have been waiting for a while but nothing comes.
M. – Maybe I would love you. I don’t know.
W. – You are always so ignorant in what concerns your own feelings. If you don’t commit how can you expect the person you are wooing to commit?
M. – Forgive me. When I drink I start talking nonsense. Let’s go. Your husband may be waiting for us. 

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