Wednesday, October 26, 2011

For the girls

This is for the girls who have left song lyrics in their away messages, who have tried to make someone understand through a subliminally appealing profile, who hate the fact that time after time again, they’ve dropped their male friends hint after hint, only to watch him chase after the first blonde gal in a skirt. This is for the girls who have been told that they’re too good or too smart or too pretty, who have been given compliments as a way of breaking off the relationship, who have ever been told that they are only wanted as a friend. This one’s for the girls that you can take home to home, but won’t, because it’s easier to sleep with a whore than foster a relationship. This is for the girls who have been led on by words and kisses and touches, all of which were either only for the moment, or never real from the beginning. This is for the girls who have allowed a guy into their head and heart, which led only to discover that he’s just not ready, he’s just not over her, he’s just not looking to be tied down; this is for the girls that believe the excuses, because it’s easier to believe that it’s not that they don’t want you, it’s just that they don’t want anyone. This is for the girls who have had their hearts broken and their hopes drained by someone too cavalier to have cared in the first place. This is for the nights spent dissecting every word and syllable and inflection in his speech, for the nights when you’ve returned home alone, for the nights a little too close, or standing a little too near, or talking a little too softly for the girl he’s with to be a random hookup. This is for the girls who have endured party after party in his presence, finally having realized that it wasn’t that he didn’t want a relationship: it was that he didn’t want you.

Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. Most men don’t want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they sometimes take the apples from the ground that aren’t as good, but easy. The apples at the top think something is wrong with them,when in reality, they’re amazing. They just have to wait for the right man to come along, the one who is brave enough to climb all of the way to the top of the tree.

Now for men, men are like fine wine. They begin as grapes, and it’s up to the women to stomp the shit out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with.

Enjoy fellow good apples :)

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