Saturday, September 25, 2010

Before dinner

I am very happy. I am going to get drunk. I was swimming at the pool and now, back at home, I am enjoying a Campari. My daughter is making dinner for us and for a girl friend of hers, later we will eat. We were together at the pool, it was amazing, it's a beautiful night. I will keep drinking, I have some good red wines in the room close to the garage. I also have some good reasons to get drunk but I will not talk about it. You will never know why I am happy and why I want to get drunk tonight because I am not going to tell you. She knows why though. Nobody else needs to know, it's a private thing. Sometimes I get confused. In my head two or three women that I really loved, thanks to a strange alchemy become one woman only.  I am confused and I don't mind. In a way it is as if I was already dead and dreaming. You, however, are alive, I know where you live, I can still think of you. Nobody knows who you are, what is not bad. I know, that should be enough. And you know. My Campari tastes good. I am happy. Bonne nuit, mon amour. I will always miss you.

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