Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Master Builder

"Ibsen had come to Gossensass in July 1889 . . . On the outskirts of the town there was a valley named the Pflerschtal, with a stream flowing through it and a view of mountains and glaciers. While walking here, Ibsen saw a girl seated on a bench with a book. He came and sat beside her, and learned her name, her parentage, her home residence and the fact that in Gossensass they lived so near together that his windows looked into hers."

Henrik Ibsen to Emilie Bardach 11 years later:

“Accept my most deeply felt thanks for your message. The summer in Gossensass was the happiest, the most beautiful, of my whole life. I scarcely dare to think of it—and yet I must think of it always. Always! Your truly devoted H.I.”

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