Monday, January 14, 2008

Get stressed

Um livrinho delicioso que Paul Watzlawick não desdenharia divulgar: The little book of stress, Calm is for wimps, Get real, Get Stressed. By Rohan Candappa, Andrews McMeel Publishing, Kansas City, 1998.


Chose friends you don't like.

Practice button pushing

If you have free time during the rush hour, find a pedestrian crossing and repeatedly push the button to stop the traffic. Never actually cross the road.

The remote control stratagem

Find out when your friends' favorite TV program is on. Then call them seven minutes after it starts.

Rejoice in small print

Small print annoys everyone. The people who read it. The people who don't read it. Even the people who write it.

It's better that they should know

Recognize other people's limitations. Then tell people what they are.

Know limits

Recognize your limitations. Then ignore them.

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