Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kierkegaard's Diary

76. In our days and age book-writing has become so poor, and people write about matters which they have never given any real thought, let alone, experienced. I therefore have decided to read only the writings of men who have been executed or have risked their lives in some way.

77. Everyone today can write a fairly decent article about all and everything; but no one can or will bear the strenuous work of following through a single solitary thought into its most tenuous logical ramifications. (...)

78. I beg to be spared any and every critical review, for I loathe a literary critic as much as an ambulant barber-journeyman who runs after me with his shaving-bowl, which he uses for the beards of all his clients, and then dabs my face all over with his wet fingers.

99. If Hegel had written his entire Logic and said in the preface that it was merely an idea-experiment for the sake of argument, wherein even in many places he had shirked* something, he might well have been the greatest thinker that ever lived. As it is, he is comical.

102. (...) a system (that omnibus) is a vehicle that permits everybody to ride along. (...)

The Diary of Sören Kierkegaard, Edited by Peter Rhode, Published by Carol Publishing Group, 1993

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