Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lower class culture

Em 1958 o tipo de comportamento referido abaixo era atribuído a indivíduos de "lower class culture"...

"Many of the most characteristic features of lower class life are related to the search for excitement or "thrill." Involved here are the highly prevalent use of alcohol by both sexes and the widespread use of gambling of all kinds-playing the numbers, betting on horse races, dice, cards. The quest for excitement finds what is perhaps its most vivid expression in the highly patterned practice of the recurrent "night on the town." This practice, designated by various terms in different areas ("honky-tonkin'," "goin' out on the town," "har hoppin'"), involves a patterned set of activities in which alcohol, music, and sexual adventuring are major components. A group or individual sets out to "make the rounds" of various bars or night clubs. Drinking continues progressively throughout the evening. Men seek to "pick up" women, and women play the risky game of entertaining sexual advances. Fights between men involving women, gambling, and claims of physical prowess, in various combinations, are frequent consequences of a night of making the rounds. The explosive potential of this type of adventuring with sex and aggression, frequently leading to "trouble," is semi-explicitly sought by the individual. Since there is always a good likelihood that being out on the town will eventuate in fights, etc., the practice involves elements of sought risk and desired danger."

W. Miller, “ Lower class culture as as a generating milieu of gang delinquency”, Journal of Social Issues, XIV (1958), 11-12. Citado por Erwin Goffman in Interaction Ritual, Essays on Face-to-face behavior, Pantheon Books, New York, 1967

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