Monday, January 22, 2007

Inês Amado

I have organised and curated three BreadMatters projects involving 60 artists. Each BreadMatters event is a unique showcase of contemporary art designed to challenge the gallery visitor conceptually and ideologically. It is a guiding principle of BreadMatters that the location should serve as a catalyst in developing the strands of ideology that identify each event as singular; ultimately it is the community’s reception of BreadMatters that is of paramount importance.

BreadMatters is a platform for exchange and collaboration, a medium for bringing together professionals from various disciplines, communities and cultural backgrounds to question, debate, and explore the social, cultural, historical, philosophical, political, and theological issues around bread. The double significance of “matters” in the English language is informative and crucial in the context of the event meaning both ’concerned with bread’ and ’the importance of bread.’

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